Music plays an important part in the lives of all our children in both primary and secondary school. In addition to our school choirs, who come together to perform in concerts twice a year, two orchestras and a popular music group, we have a large team of professional peripatetic teachers offering individual and group lessons in a wide range of instruments, voice and dance.

Classroom Music

At BCG Music is an important and creative part of the curriculum. We provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music, to develop skills and appreciate a wide variety of musical forms from Early Years to KS3. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we endeavour to build up the confidence of all children. Our Music Room is fully stocked with instruments including enough keyboards, glockenspiels, drums, and ukuleles for everyone in a class of 25.

Pupils also have the opportunity to sit practical and theory exams with the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal school of Music), and to further develop their knowledge of, and talents in, Music, Composition and Performance in the 2-year in depth GCSE course offered from Year 10.

Instrumental Lessons

BCG offers instrumental lessons offered to every pupil during and after the school day, taught by a team of highly professional, passionate, specialist teachers of piano, cello, violin, voice, flute, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar and drums. This programme has proven to be extremely popular with pupils of all ages – 1 in 4 pupils learn an instrument in school! Pupils can also choose to take the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) exams, grades 1 – 8.

Strings Workshop

In 2020 we became the first school in Spain to offer the acclaimed “Groove n´ Play” Strings workshop, a ten-week course created in conjunction with the Royal School of Music in London, in which every Year 6 child learns to play either the violin or cello as part of an ensemble, culminating in a concert open to parents and friends. We hope to offer this annually!


We at BCG believe that music enriches the lives of people, and so we endeavour to involve as many children as possible in musical activities. The Secondary Rock & Pop Band, Secondary and Primary Orchestras, and Primary and and Secondary School Choirs perform regularly at events such as the Christmas fair, Winter Concert, Spring Recital, Summer Concert, Sant Jordi, BISA talent show, and many others. We also host musicians giving concerts and talks to our students.

Extra and Co-curricular clubs

We have two Primary orchestras, a Secondary orchestra, and Secondary Samba Band all offered free of charge at lunchtimes.

Subject to demand, we offer a range of after school clubs including Junior Musical Theatre, Senior Musical Theatre, Grade 5 Theory (ABRSM) and Ukulele Club.