Applying a holistic approach to pedagogy and planning is essential for effective 21st century teaching and learning.

At The British College of Gavà, we encourage our students to interact with their environment and explore the world from an early age. Our trips and excursions are linked to the curriculum’s topics, enhancing learning through first-hand experience. Trips are an exciting, involving, and valuable experience for all our students, both academically and socially.

EYFS and Lower Primary (Nursery to Year 2)

Short local trips provide new experiences including, seeing animals in wildlife parks and farms, visiting a museum, exploring the local area.

Some of the most popular field trips for EYFS and Lower Primary are:

Bordas Garden Center 

Chocolate Museum 

Maritime Museum 

Farm visit 



Beach Picnic 

Foundation CRAM 

Bee Farm 



Upper Primary (Years 3-6)

Thanks to our location, our UP students can explore different areas. Residential trips encourage independence and bring students closer to their peers.

Some of the most popular field trips for Upper Primary are:

Music Workshops 

Volcano La Garrotxa

Zoo Barcelona 

Olympic stadium 

Egyptian Museum 


Beach Cleanup

Sitges Adventure Park

Sagrada Familia 

Parc Güell 

Art Exhibitions



School trips are an important part of school life.There are a variety of opportunities for short and extended trips. Some trips are part of the required curriculum (such as Geography fieldwork) whilst other trips may be optional but highly encouraged.

Some of the most popular field trips for Secondary are:

Refugee Bunker 307

Spanish Civil War Tour 

MNAC Museum 

Stock Exchange 

Art Exhibitions

Watersport Morning

MUN Conference 

Musical/ Theatre

Seat Factory 

An annual residential trip for each Year Group gives all students the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities, build a sense of unity within the Year Group and encourage social development.

Details about upcoming trips* are sent to families at the beginning of each term and authorization is always required.

Access School Booking System to check all trips.

    *All trips are subject to change depending on enrollment interest and/or availability.

    “Learning in a variety of settings and environments facilitates the opportunity to develop necessary life skills and to apply BCG core value learning.  Our BCG core values are Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Community and Critical Thinking which if practiced across a range of experiences in different environments truly enables individuals to become active global citizens in the world beyond our school gates.”

    • -Ms. Knol, Admin Assistant Trips
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