Embracing Individuality, Preparing Leaders

Inspired Education Group offers academic excellence to over 80,000 students in over 110 schools across 24 countries.

The uniqueness of each student is developed through a holistic curriculum focused on three fundamental pillars: academics, sports and creative & performing arts, thus ensuring that each student reaches their maximum potential.

Through a global approach, our goal is to inspire and prepare students to become global citizens ready to face and thrive in their exciting futures. This is achieved by providing them with the confidence and attitude necessary to function in a constantly changing world.

Academic Excellence

Students achieve outstanding results at the national level, obtain recognized international certifications and access exceptional opportunities to apply their multilingual skills in subsequent studies abroad. But more importantly, they become empathetic, well-rounded, and educated young adults who enjoy rewarding lives and careers.


Inspired’s Sports Pillar represents health, well-being, fun, motivation, and self-esteem. Our engaging P.E. curriculum and extracurricular sports activities cater for all abilities, with traditional team sports and individual pursuits tailored to children in every year group. Our school also offers specialist in-house sports coaching, enabling students to achieve national and international honours and pursue professional sports careers.

Performing & Creative Arts

An Inspired education instils students with self-confidence derived from an appreciation of the arts. The Creative and Performing Arts Pillar represents an essential aspect of our schooling, and every child is encouraged to adopt a creative approach to life. Children at all stages gain outstanding opportunities for self-expression in vibrant dance, drama, music, and visual arts classes, and the skills they acquire are transferable across disciplines.