First class education in a green and friendly atmosphere,
where your children are encouraged to become empathetic, confident and global citizens
The British College of Gavà
We are a British school located in Gavà Mar, 20 minutes away from Barcelona city. We integrate students of more than 25 nationalities, who learn English from the first day with native teachers. For BCG the most important thing is to enhance the skills of each student and encourage them to become critical thinkers, supporting them to improve and grow as persons and professionals.

Our philosophy

To develop the personal and life skills of the students in our care, enabling them to achieve academic excellence and to 'Be as best they can be' as well as equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in life.

Our methodology

To teach utilising innovative and creative strategies with intention of motivating and inspiring a love of learning, always placing the student at the center.


Where we inspire curiosity, creativity and wonder.

3 to 5 years


Where we cultivate respect, tolerance and develop research skills.

5 to 11 years


Where we help your child reach his or her full potential.

11 to 16 years

Sixth Form

Where freedom, responsibility and resilience become a reality. 

16 to 18 years


Where freedom and flexibility enable your child to succeed. 

11 a 18 años

Our school

The British College of Gavà offers green surroundings, trending technologies and a sense of community to instil a love for learning in our students.

Green environment

The school occupies a very large and impressive sight. Despite being just 10 minutes away from the city of Barcelona, the school sits among a plethora of pines in lush gardens with well-equipped buildings spaced out comfortably. 

Trending technologies

All of the school’s modern and spacious premises are equipped with the latest technology and modern teaching equipment creating effective teaching and learning environments.

Love for learning

BCG believes that the heart of learning is the connection created between teachers and students. Our teachers only educate but inspire our students to take an active interest in their education.