Much of a school's success lies in its ability to support each individual pupil.  The British College of Gavà offers strong support in a number of ways. The essential day to day support is be provided by the class tutor. Our tutors keep a close eye on the pupils' academic progress and support students with any personal, social or academic difficulties. They provide the main link between the home and school. We place a strong emphasis on persona and social development in our school, as such a whole 30 minutes of curriculum time is allocated every single day of the school year for tutors to work with their groups in this respect. The students enjoy this time and benefit greatly from our personal way of working; equipping them with the essential tools for life.  

Further to this, the school has appointed a fully qualified educational psychologist to provide students, teachers and parents with good quality support and guidance in order to successfully manage any difficulties encountered.  Our psychologist is also a qualified teacher with experience in British Schools and is bilingual enabling her to perfectly understand our school and the types of students that enjoy life here.  If deemed appropriate, our psychologist can administer the appropriate assessments to identify special education needs which may help determine the following strategies which could be implemented. She also works with students that may have social or emotional needs in order to build confidence and equip them with strategies to succeed in school.  

Given the nature of our type of school there is sometimes the need for 'language support', whether it be an initial boost in grasping the English language or mastering the local languages of Castellano or Catalan.  The school has various support mechanisms in place in order to support students with such needs.  Other than the differentiated tasks that the appointed languages teachers will plan for the different levels of learner within a class, we also utilise auxiliary groups, after school learning groups and additional personalised individual learning programmes which can be completed at home.  If your child has such a need we would discuss the most appropriate course of action as part of the admissions procedure to ensure progression from the first moment.  

The school recognises the need to maintain close relationships with parents if the pupils are to make good progress. We have implemented various means of communication in order to fully involve parents in the learning process.  Weekly E-bulletins are sent at a whole school level in order to keep parents up to date.  Each class has its own blog at which parents can find details of homework, what the students are doing in class, events, along with photos, videos and useful documents.  Written reports are issued three times per year giving detail of attainment in line with age-related expectation, progression made, as well as useful personalised targets which are constructive towards supporting learning at home and at school.  Twice per year the school arranges parental interviews during which targets and strategies are discussed in more detail. Overall we encourage regular contact between parents and teachers in order to be able to resolve any concerns or problems. Our doors are always open.  

The British College of Gavà has developed its own innovative assessment system in-line with the latest guidance given by the British Government. We have chosen to set academic standards high. There is a serious approach to study and a determination to get the best out of each student. Our philosophy towards achieving this is to develop an intrinsic desire in each student to want to do their very best in everything and achieve as highly as they can during their time with us.  

During the year we organise parent talks to explain curricular matters or to help prepare pupils for key decisions, such as the choice of optional subjects or university applications.

We create the optimum conditions for effective learning by nurturing students towards following our core values which are depicted clearly in a special jigsaw puzzle.  Each piece represents a part of each student in the school.  You are only complete when you display all the pieces of the jigsaw/all the personal abilities.