It is the school’s objective to provide a rewarding, relevant and enriching experience for all students in curricular Physical Education (PE) and sport that puts learning at the centre of everything. 

Beginning in the primary school, all students are given the chance to enjoy a minimum of two hours of high quality PE and school sport per week. Their curricular PE experience is designed to provide a balance between a breadth of disciplines - in order for all students to discover their own preferred niche(s), and sufficient depth for students to develop an appreciation and understanding of (at the very least) the basics of each discipline.

In addition to the curricular PE delivery, Year 6 students have the opportunity to gain sports leadership qualifications through the Sports Leaders UK Primary Leaders programme. These qualifications are inherently linked to leadership and service opportunities within the school, such as ‘Playground Leaders’, ‘Wake and Shake’ and inter-class celebrations of sport for younger students.

A thematic curricular delivery model for Physical Education lessons in Years 7-9 provides further opportunities for students to develop their leadership and coaching skills in peer-led and service-based experiences. These are loosely-based on our own adapted model of the highly regarded Sport Ed programme with students taking responsibility for their own learning in collaborative situations.

In Years 10-11, GCSE Physical Education is a popular option with many of our students. This two-year course is designed to engage students in physical activity and sport through the examination of theoretical components and the application of the subsequent knowledge and understanding to practical performance. The GCSE PE course has a 70:30 ratio of theory:practical delivery and is designed to promote an analytical approach to factors affecting performance, anatomy and physiology and contemporary issues in sport.

For older students, BCG is currently negotiating with a top class provider in the UK, to design a bespoke curricular model for our 6th Form students which would offer a number of high level sports-oriented qualifications. Vitally, this qualification has recognised equivalency for university admissions and would give many of our students a more accessible pathway to higher education in addition to providing a greatly enhanced, more relevant option for many of our elite athletes, and any others, who may be interested in the ever-increasing and often previously unimagined opportunities offered by the sports and leisure industry. These qualifications would create a 21st Century alternative to the traditional academic models currently offered by other international educational establishments and at this stage, would mean that BCG offers a unique and highly innovative experience in international education.