Physical Education and sport are for everybody at the British College of Gavá no matter what age or ability level.  Ample opportunity exists for everybody and the school strives to further its offerings every year.  


Physical Education lessons are the core of our programme.  Despite the strain on curriculum time as the school attempts to satisfy the British National Curriculum as well as obligatory aspects of the Spanish Curriculum (language), the school maintains a minimum of 2 hours of Physical Education for every student every week.  These lessons provide a broad and balanced programme including mainstream team sports such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball and volleyball to individual sports such as athletics, gymnastics and dance.  All students aged 5-14 years also receive one term of swimming lessons every year.  


The school has a bustling extra-curricular programme which furthers opportunities for students.  Both high level sports clubs with the aim of training towards competition against other schools and clubs, as well as recreational clubs for leisure, exist both at lunchtimes and after school.  The school has developed successful representative teams in the areas of football and volleyball.  In terms of recreation the options are diverse including the martial art of ‘Mugendo’, skateboarding, yoga, dance, ballet, tennis and football.  


Sports can be used a vehicle for many objectives from simply getting fit to improving personal skills.  The British College of Gavá has seized this opportunity in using sport to develop skills that are not always so easy to further in the classroom.  An example of this is the ‘Primary Leaders’ programme.  Older students in Primary are able to engage in this programme to develop their leadership skills within a sporting context.  Physical skills are not necessary; the idea is to develop skills of communication, organisation, collaboration, and above all confidence.