Every student at the British College of Gavá receives a fresh nutritious meal each lunchtime prepared by the expert staff in an extensive kitchen.  The principles behind school lunches at BCG are as follows: 


  • • All food is cooked freshly onsite in the kitchen at the school; no precooked food prepared at a central kitchen and warmed up
  • • All products are natural and strictly no ‘fast food’ is served; no chips, hotdogs or chicken nuggets
  • • Menus are designed in order to achieve an equilibrium; enough carbohydrate to provide energy for the afternoon, protein, fibre, a limited amount of fat, and a sufficient amount/range of vitamins and minerals


Students with special dietary requirements are well-catered for be it gluten-free, lactose-free, or any other medically dictated condition.  

Lunchtimes are closely supervised by a team of BCG staff members who know the students well; the school does not outsource supervision of lunchtimes with use of external monitors.  EYFS and Primary students are encouraged to try all elements of their meal and eat a sufficient amount to get through the afternoon.  Teachers of EYFS children record how much each child has eaten in their ‘home-school communication book’.  


You can download our latest menus using the following links: 

Download September Menu View/Download
Download October Menu View/Download
Download November Menu View/Download
Download December Menu View/Download
Download January Menu View/Download
Download February Menu View/Download
Download March Menu View/Download
Download April Menu View/Download
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Breaktime snacks at BCG

Foundation and Year 1 children enjoy a morning and afternoon snack.


  • • Monday: Fruit
  • • Tuesday: Fruit
  • • Wednesday: Fruit
  • • Thursday: Fruit
  • • Friday: Fruit



  • • Monday: Fruit
  • • Tuesday: Cookies and juice
  • • Wednesday: Turkey ham sandwich
  • • Thursday: 'Salchichon' sandwich
  • • Friday: 'Chorizo' sandwich

Primary and Secondary gest a morning snack:

  • • Monday: Fruit
  • • Tuesday: Yogurth
  • • Wednesday: Rice cakes (with or without chocolate)
  • • Thursday: Cured sausage sandwich
  • • Friday: Fruit, (Once a month, Bread with chocolate)