My name is Jamie Johnston and it is my privilege to serve the school community as Director of Sport.

The British College of Gava (BCG) has the potential to evolve into the world-leading educational sporting establishment for school-aged students. To this end, the provision of a high quality programme of sports and Physical Education, top class facilities and access to expert coaching and mentoring for the entire student body, forms a vital and integral part of the school's future plans. 

With this sublime yet tangible ambition in mind, we fully appreciate that your support is fundamental to any progress. 

It is our common mission therefore, to ensure that the academic and sporting experience of each of our students will yield satisfaction and rewards that will enrich their lives long after leaving the school.

Welcome to the inspirational and aspirational BCG sporting community and I will look forward to meeting you in the near future!


Jamie Johnston
Director of Sport
The British College of Gavà