Barcelona has long been one of the most important destinations for sports development; perhaps following the successful Olympics of 1992.  Since then many of the world’s future sports stars have come here as juniors to develop their abilities with some of the best academies and professional coaches in the world.  The special Mediterranean ‘microclimate’ certainly facilitates the right conditions with very mild and stable temperatures all year round.  


The British College of Gavá works with several professional sports academies in order to provide a high quality education for athletes to complement the high quality sports provision.  The philosophy is very much that education and sport go ‘hand in hand’ with equal importance.   


Welfare of athletes is taken very seriously at the British College of Gavá.  It is clear that the dual programme is very demanding and as such athlete’s wellbeing, from an academic but also from a personal perspective, is monitored carefully.  The school liaises with partner academies closely and works to adapt programmes according to actual needs.