The school recognises the need to maintain close relationships with parents if the students are to make good progress.  Various means of communication in order to fully involve parents in the learning process and life of the school.  One of the principles of the school is to enjoy the privileged natural environment and operate in an environmentally friendly way, thus, the school operates a completely paperless communication system.  



Weekly E-bulletins are sent at a whole school level in order to keep parents up to date.  E-bulletins contain information of a high level of importance so are sent directly to the Email account of all parents registered on the system.  


Online Platform

Each EYFS & Primary School class has its own blog at which parents can find details of homework, what the students are doing in class, events, along with photos, videos and useful documents.  The blogs are a wonderful window into the classroom so parents can see exactly what the children are doing and feel the life of the school.  It is also possible to exchange commentaries on the class blogs.  

The Secondary School operates an online platform organised on the basis of ‘groups’.  Students sign up for groups which contain information pertaining to each subject area united by one single log-in.  Parents are able to create a parents’ account and link to their son/daughter in order to view all their groups, and keep abreast of academic matters including homework.  The teachers work very hard to update the platform with every single homework task as well as videos, presentations, links to websites and useful documents.  



During the year the school organises presentations for parents to explain curricular matters, new initiatives, or to help prepare for key decisions such as the choice of optional subjects or university applications.  It’s nice sometimes to enjoy a face to face presentation from the head teacher in order to understand the direction the school is moving in.   


Reporting on Individual Progress

Written reports are issued three times per year giving detail of attainment in line with age-related expectation, progression made, as well as useful personalised targets which are constructive towards supporting learning at home and at school.  Twice per year the school arranges parental interviews during which targets and strategies are discussed in more detail.  

Overall the school encourages regular contact between parents and teachers in order to be able to resolve any concerns or problems.  The doors are always open!